Learn More in Our New Podcast Series

Human trafficking is happening in Tuscarawas County, and it’s not the creepy guy in a van. Human trafficking is a $150 billion criminal activity, and traffickers are smart and skilled at what they do. So the more information we know, the less successful they will be.

Join us for Season One of our podcast where we break down the components of human trafficking to help the community better understand this criminal activity and its victims.

Jocelyn Hamsher is joined by Molly MacMath and Robin Bowdish to host Season One of the podcast. These 3 knowledgeable and passionate ladies bring a wealth of information and resources to the table. You will gain a thorough understanding of human trafficking and how traffickers operate.

Send any questions or comments to info@tuscagainsttrafficking.org.

Contact the National Human Trafficking Hotline: